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Backyard Privacy Screening Ideas: Artificial Greenery Panels

2022 07 22

We live in an age where privacy is difficult to obtain. Maybe your neighbors can see into your backyard, or anyone walking on the street can look into your front window. You may simply wish to find a place to relax without being exposed to public scrutiny, and to this end, you may be considering installing privacy screens for your yard.

Artificial Greenery Panels

Backyard privacy screens

The backyard environment you create can have a great impact on security and well-being. Especially in times of stress, being surrounded by a soothing aesthetic can make a real change in your feeling when you’re trying to relax after a long day. Our feelings have a huge impact on everything, from stress management to how engaged you are with the family and home life balance.

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your backyard is to install a privacy fence with natural aesthetics and a bit of greenery – but when it comes to plants, which is the best, real or fake?

The right choice for your backyard screens depends on many different things, from materials of the base privacy fence to resources that you have available for cleaning and maintenance. For instance, if there is not enough natural light in the backyard, you may find it difficult for real plants to survive.

Nowadays, artificial greenery panels are so realistic that it is almost impossible to tell the difference between these foliages and the real ones. Therefore, when it comes to choosing between real and artificial plants, the aesthetics won’t be compromised either way, and you will have a green oasis all year round.

artificial greenery panels

Benefits of artificial greenery panels

Instant solution

Fake plant panels provide an instant solution that can be installed immediately, rather than waiting for real plants to grow.

Can be placed anywhere

Due to the need for sunlight, real plants cannot be placed anywhere. This can present a problem when you are going for a specific look in the backyard, or it simply may not serve your purposes at all. With artificial greenery wall panels, you won’t have such worries. They can be placed anywhere without any problem. Therefore, whatever design or material of the base privacy fence, it can be made green without considering the reality such as sunlight.

artificial greenery wall panels

UV resistant

With regard to the tropical regions, the hot sun is almost everlasting throughout the year. If people want to get together with friends in the yard, the dazzling sunshine will destroy their interest. However, artificial hedge panels will act as a screen wall, which can provide shade. EdenVert’s range of products has passed the UV 5000H test to ensure our artificial greenery wall panels won’t succumb to degradation from harsh sunlight exposure.

artificial hedge panels

Low maintenance

You may not have enough time to deal with the maintenance requirements of real plants. When you use fake plant wall panels as privacy screens, all you need to do is wipe them down from time to time, or let the rain wash away the dirt. You will never have to worry about potential pest infestations happening at any point. This is a major plus point.

In addition, you don’t need to trim overgrown leaves or water them regularly. The artificial boxwood greenery panels are the classic trend, and if you pay attention, you can always see this kind of boxwood screen being used in your neighbors’ yards.

artificial boxwood greenery panels

How long does artificial greenery last?

If your artificial plant panel is treated with anti-UV processing, its life expectancy will be longer. Without UV treatment, regardless of the material, the outdoor artificial plants’ last will be shorter for they are prone to age and lose shape and texture.

Compared with the factories who cannot provide UV test report, EdenVert promise to give you qualified and perfect faux plants, which ensure an outdoor warranty for 5 years. For more information about UV treated artificial plants, you can see this page,

How to clean and replace artificial fence screens

Cleaning: Products used outdoors are more likely to be contaminated by dust and cover the original color of the plants, so they need to be cleaned regularly. Artificial greenery for outdoors is easier to clean than indoor products.

artificial fence screens

Our artificial plant wall is very strong and won’t fall off easily. You can choose to wash them directly with a water gun on a sunny day. After water evaporates, the original luster of artificial plants will appear.

Replacement: Generally speaking, we will recommend customers buy UV resistant artificial greenery panels. Because they can be used outdoors for a longer time and do not need to be replaced frequently. If you want to replace them, you just need to cut the plastic ties used to fix the fence and then tie the new replacement panels to the fence.