Transform Your Space with EdenVert's
Artificial Plant Wall

Whether you want to add a touch of greenery to a bland wall or create a lush vertical garden, our artificial plant wall panels provide the perfect solution. Made from high-quality materials, our panels mimic the look and feel of real plants, without the need for regular maintenance or watering.

With a variety of options to choose from, you can easily customize your plant wall to fit your style and design preferences. Our panels are also versatile enough to be used in a range of settings, from intimate residential spaces to large-scale commercial installations. With their durability and longevity, you can enjoy the beauty of nature year-round, no matter the season or location.

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Explore the Benefits of EdenVert Artificial Plant Wall

Transform your living space with the naturalistic beauty of our artificial plant wall panels. These panels are filled with a lush and varied selection of foliage, providing a vibrant and ultra-realistic appearance that can be tailored to your individual style.

Our artificial plant wall panels are designed to be effortless to install and require no upkeep, making them an ideal choice for those with a busy lifestyle or lacking a green thumb. Artificial panels are also customizable to your space, whether you want to add a small accent wall or cover an entire room. With our panels, you can create a breathtaking vertical garden that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.


Our artificial plant wall panels are a stunning display of lifelike beauty that will bring a touch of nature into any space. The attention to details is remarkable, with each panel crafted to resemble a natural landscape that can transport you to a lush green paradise.

The seamless coverage of the panels ensures that every inch of the surface is covered with lush, green foliage, providing an immersive and realistic experience that is unmatched by other artificial plants.

Easy to Install

The EdenVert fixing system has been specifically engineered to provide a quick and easy solution for panel installation. Its sturdy construction ensures that the panels remain securely in place, while its uncomplicated design allows for effortless removal and reinstallation.

Whether you’re looking to make modifications or simply need to access the space behind the panels, the EdenVert fixing system makes the process fast and hassle-free. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to everyone, from DIY enthusiasts to seasoned professionals, ensuring that your panel installation is completed efficiently and with minimal effort.

Designed to Last

You can trust that our artificial plant walls will continue to look vibrant and colorful for years to come, thanks to their high-quality UV stabilization. This advanced technology is designed to protect against fading, ensuring that the panels maintain their stunning appearance even in areas exposed to direct sunlight or harsh weather conditions. This means you can enjoy the beauty and benefits of lush greenery without worrying about maintenance or replacement costs.

Our commitment to using only the best materials and techniques guarantees that our artificial living walls are built to last and provide a lasting impact in any indoor or outdoor space.

Fully Customisable

Personalize your greenery wall effortlessly with our customisable artificial plant wall panels that can be cut to any shape or size you desire. Our wide selection of options offers endless possibilities for creating a unique and captivating display, from lush cascading ivy to vibrant blooming flowers.

With our easy-to-use panels, you can quickly and easily achieve the look and feel you desire, making your greenery wall a true reflection of your personal style and taste. Experience the freedom of customization and elevate your space with our stunning artificial green wall panels.

Low Maintenance

Our artificial plant walls offer all the natural beauty of living plants without the maintenance hassle. With no need for trimming, pruning or leaf collection, you can simply sit back and enjoy the lush greenery and colorful blooms.

Whether you’re looking to brighten up a commercial space, add a touch of nature to your home or create an inviting outdoor area, our artificial plant wall panels provide a low-maintenance, hassle-free solution that requires minimal effort and upkeep. Enjoy the beauty of nature, minus the work, with our stunning artificial greenery panels.

Earth + Human Friendly

EdenVert places utmost importance on safety and environmental responsibility. Our artificial plant wall panels are completely free from toxic chemicals and heavy metals, guaranteeing 100% safety for you and the planet.

We are passionate about creating sustainable and beautiful greenery products that have a positive impact on the environment and promote a healthier future. You can confidently add our artificial green walls to your home or business, knowing that our commitment to safety and environmental responsibility is unwavering.

Where You’ll Find EdenVert Artificial Plants

Our green walls are versatile and can be used as an uplifting centrepiece indoors or as an inspiring vertical garden outside. They are designed to endure even the most challenging, irregular, and severe settings, having undergone rigorous testing and installation. Our artificial foliage offers seamless coverage and has been successfully featured in a diverse range of projects worldwide, including city apartments, offices, shopping malls, and other locations.

EdenVert Artificial Plant Walls for Homes

Artificial Plant Walls for Home Decoration

Artificial plant walls have become a popular option for homeowners looking to incorporate greenery into their indoor spaces. Unlike live plants, fake plant walls require minimal maintenance and can be customized to fit any decoration style. Additionally, they provide a practical solution for homeowners who may not have access to natural light or the time to care for live plants. With a range of sizes and designs available, faux greenery walls are a versatile and eye-catching addition to any home.

EdenVert Artificial Living Walls for Offices

Artificial Living Walls for Offices

With our artificial living walls, you can bring the beauty and benefits of nature indoors while enhancing the aesthetics of your workplace. Our designs are not only visually stunning but also reduce noise levels, and promote a sense of calm and well-being among employees. Plus, our walls are easy to install and maintain, making them the perfect addition to any workspace looking to incorporate biophilic design elements.

EdenVert Indoor Artificial Vertical Gardens

Indoor Artificial Vertical Gardens

Our indoor vertical gardens are inspired by modern interiors that feature simple, natural highlights and innovative solutions. They are designed to seamlessly integrate into any interior environment, reimagining, enhancing, or even transforming empty wall space into an uplifting centerpiece effortlessly.

EdenVert Outdoor Artificial Plant Walls

Outdoor Artificial Plant Walls

EdenVert’s stunning and ultra-realistic outdoor artificial plant walls are designed to energize and reimagine featureless spaces. Our seamless and low-maintenance foliage has the power to transform the character of any location, be it a rooftop terrace, a cruise ship, a hotel or even a shopping mall.

EdenVert Fake Plant Walls for Small Scale Projects

Fake Plant Walls for Small Scale Projects

Designing smaller areas can be challenging, but it doesn’t mean there’s no space for creative features such as a fake plant wall. EdenVert’s innovative, realistic, and flexible panel solution allows us to reimagine any setting, no matter how small or narrow, with an impressive artificial plant wall. Our market-leading approach to artificial green walls means that every room can have a unique and impressive talking point, regardless of its size.

EdenVert Large Artificial Plant Wall Projects

Large Artificial Plant Wall Projects

A large-scale green wall is truly a sight to behold! It has the power to transform a dull or unattractive building into a beautiful and vibrant space. EdenVert’s unique aesthetic of high-quality artificial plant walls is visually appealing both up close and from a considerable distance.

EdenVert Artificial Fence Projects for Gardens or Yards

Artificial Fence Projects for Gardens or Yards

Fences serve a functional purpose in industrial, commercial, and domestic settings but are often unattractive to look at. When staring out of a window at a simple fence, it can be uninspiring. However, attaching EdenVert’s panels to any fence can uplift the area and create a stylish and relaxing environment that is visually pleasing.

EdenVert Artificial Topiary Balls Projects for Commercial Areas

Artificial Topiary Balls Projects for Commercial Areas

Artificial topiary balls are a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor decoration projects. These versatile balls can be used in a wide range of settings, such as gardens, patios, balconies, and even in commercial spaces like hotels and restaurants. They create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, adding an elegant touch to any space.

Trusted Artificial Plant Supplier

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