Top Artificial Plants Wholesale Supplier in China

Whether you are in the business of selling home, garden, or landscape products, artificial plants can be a smart and versatile addition to your current offerings. These plants provide a low-maintenance and long-lasting alternative to live plants, making them an excellent choice for customers looking for practical and cost-effective solutions.

Whether you're a retailer, wholesaler, or design company, incorporating artificial plants into your product line can help you meet the needs of a broader range of customers while also expanding your business.

As the premier artificial plants wholesale supplier in China, EdenVert specializes in providing high-quality indoor and outdoor rated artificial plant walls, artificial hedges & fences, vertical gardens, and artificial topiary on a B2B basis. We also offer artificial plants wholesale pricing for minimum orders, making it easy and affordable to incorporate our products into your business. Get in touch with EdenVert today to explore our artificial greenery solutions for your business.

Top Artificial Plants Wholesale Supplier in China

Wholesale of Versatile Artificial Plants

EdenVert Artificial Hedge Mats

Artificial Hedge Mats

EdenVert Artificial Vertical Garden

Artificial Vertical Garden

EdenVert Vertical Garden Frame

Vertical Garden Frame

EdenVert Artificial Fence

Artificial Fence

EdenVert Artificial Topiary

Artificial Topiary

EdenVert Artificial Branches

Artificial Branches

EdenVert Artificial Vines

Artificial Vines

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Why Choose EdenVert
for Your Artificial Plants Wholesale Business?

EdenVert is a leading artificial plants wholesale supplier based in China who is committed to providing long-lasting greenery to importers, wholesalers, contractors, and chain stores worldwide. Our goal is to engage our customers as co-creators in developing vibrant living and working spaces that are infused with the spirit of nature.

With our dedication to quality, our faux plants are both visually stunning and low-maintenance. Let us help you bring the beauty of nature to your business or project with our extensive selection of lifelike artificial plants. Trust EdenVert to be your go-to source for artificial plants wholesale that meet the needs of your business and customers alike.

Authoritative factory certifications

With a commitment to producing the highest quality artificial plants, our factory holds ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 certifications. These standards provide assurance that our production processes are efficient, effective, and environmentally responsible.

EdenVert Authoritative factory certifications

Rigorous quality assurance

At EdenVert, our commitment to quality is ingrained in everything we do as an artificial plants manufacturer. With over 10 years experience in product development and manufacturing, we draw upon our expertise to create products that exceed the highest industry standards. Through rigorous laboratory testing, we ensure that our customers receive only the highest-quality artificial plants. Trust EdenVert for your artificial plants wholesale supplier that not only meet but exceed your business’s needs.

EdenVert Rigorous quality assurance

200+ product options

EdenVert professional R&D team has developed a wide range of over 200 artificial plants products to support our wholesale lines and continually innovates with new additions each year. Our primary classifications of artificial hedges, vertical gardens, artificial fences and topiary balls have garnered constant satisfaction from global markets.

Creative R&D and design team

As a top wholesale artificial plants supplier, our R&D and design team is dedicated to creating new and unique products that cater to the global market. With our innovative products, we help our clients stay competitive in the market and gain more market shares.

Recent Projects

As a leading artificial plants wholesale supplier, EdenVert is gaining popularity among customers worldwide, and we’re dedicated to helping them achieve beautiful and harmonious living spaces through the integration of our lifelike artificial plant products. From artfully crafted green wall backdrops to realistic foliage accents, our artificial greenery solutions offer the perfect balance of aesthetics and practicality.

We’re proud to have provided solutions for numerous successful projects and invite you to take a look at some of our recent projects.

EdenVert Vibrant Artificial Hedge Walls
EdenVert Vertical Wall Garden
EdenVert Expandable Faux Privacy Fence
EdenVert Artificial Branches Decor
EdenVert Artificial Topiary Decor
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