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Introducing Artificial Greenery Wall Panels into Your Space

2024 02 23

Artificial green walls come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and purposes. Selecting an ideal artificial greenery wall for the right space can be somewhat challenging.

Whether you’re looking for decorative options for an apartment, eye-catching displays for a reception area in an office, or impactful features for a commercial project, thorough research is essential.

During this exploration, finding a product that is visually appealing, low-maintenance, and reasonably priced will ensure you continue to enjoy its beauty for years to come.

Artificial Greenery Wall Panels

In this article, we provide a comprehensive overview of artificial plant walls and offer recommendations for choosing the perfect option.

We compare the differences between using artificial plants and real plants, explore various types of green wall panels, and provide practical tips regarding cost, appearance, applications, and maintenance.

With this detailed guide, we hope to assist you in making informed decisions, allowing your space to flourish with unique and satisfying greenery.

What is an Artificial Greenery Wall?

An artificial greenery wall is a vertical garden system composed of interlocking faux plant panels. High-quality artificial living walls are lifelike, low-maintenance, and durable, while lower-quality ones may appear too smooth and synthetic.

These walls are typically assembled in sections, with each panel’s back secured to the wall using screws, nail plugs or cable ties (depending on your surface).

Compared to real plants, artificial greenery wall panels offer several advantages (which we’ll detail shortly). They are suitable for both residential and commercial projects and have become a popular decorative choice for apartments, courtyards, balconies, retail stores, offices, and reception areas.

artificial living wall

Overall, if you have a blank wall and want to add visual appeal, a fake plant wall is an economical, easy-to-maintain, and attractive option.

Advantages of Using Artificial Greenery Wall Panels

Visual Appeal

It goes without saying that one of the main advantages of an artificial greenery wall panel is its visual appeal. That lush, alluring, and most inviting look is enough to make anybody stop and stare – just like a pristinely maintained garden would.

Stress Reduction

Plants are amazing symbols of nature. They inject a soothing and quiet atmosphere into the surroundings, creating a relaxed environment.

Therefore, decorating your house with artificial greenery wall panels can make you feel calmer and reduce your stress levels down by a few notches.

artificial green wall panels

Experts suggest that having lush, evergreen plants nearby is one of the easiest ways to reduce stress and relieve tension after a stressful day at work.

We supply a wide range of beautiful artificial plants that will help you usher in a refreshing vibe without adding another task of watering the plants to your already never-ending to-do list.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Fake plants are not picky in their environment or care – they don’t need specific light or a lot of maintenance. You will get all the benefits of a green wall without having to invest in taking care of the real plants.

They can be placed anywhere because they are less temperamental than real plants, which means you will have a wider range of choices when you choose where to install artificial greenery wall panels.

It’s really simple to look after the fake plants in the green wall – all you need to do is wipe the leaves clean so that they won’t get dusty.

Low Cost

The cost-effectiveness of a fake plant wall makes it a very popular option, not only in terms of initial cost but also in the long run.

You don’t need to consider some of the costs of fake plant walls, including the continuous expense of maintenance and the cost of replacing any plants in the wall that might die if they were alive.

Instantly Green

After installing a living plant wall, you must wait for the plants to grow. If you do not trim them regularly, the plants will be at risk of overgrowth.

With artificial greenery wall panels, there is no need to wait. Your plants are instantly green, which means you can start enjoying them immediately, and since they don’t grow, there’s no pruning.

artificial plant wall


Unlike living plant walls, artificial plant walls never wither or die, which means there are no dead spots and no partial or total replacement of your vertical garden. There is also no clean up during the autumn and winter months when leaves start to fall. An artificial garden wall will provide you with years of enjoyment.

No Pests

With fake plants, you will not get some of the benefits that real plants can provide in purifying the air, but you can still enjoy the well-being advantages of having more greenery around. This can include a wide range of positive factors, from bringing more of a sense of calm to helping to improve productivity.

If you opt for the artificial greenery wall panel, then you will also be pest-free – this can be particularly useful if you plan to place them indoors. These plants won’t attract any insects and won’t need to be treated for pests.

Fire safety

Fire safety is always a priority in both external and internal design. However, this does not have to come at the expense of aesthetics. Fire-rated artificial green walls are produced with FR additives added during the manufacturing process, which look very realistic and bring the natural landscape into any space while also being fully compliant with EN 13501-1:2018 standards of reaction to the fire by SGS.

Are There Different Types of Greenery Walls?

Faux greenery walls are available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. Since they are sold as individual panels, you can freely mix and match them according to your preferences, creating a unique green wall design.

Of course, if you have no clue about the design, you can also choose to have a custom project done by a professional company like us.

Our greenery wall panels ranges from simple and elegant entry-level products, such as Artificial Hedge Mats; to more intricate styles, such as Fern Mixed and Tropical Jungle Vertical Gardens; and our imaginative designer products, such as Vertical Garden Frame, there is always one to meet your needs.

How to Choose an Artificial Plant Wall

Artificial walls play a crucial role in both indoor and outdoor decoration, adding a unique aesthetic to spaces. When selecting fake green wall for indoor decor, attention should be paid to coordinating with the home style, color scheme, and wall dimensions to create a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere.

Additionally, using artificial green wall panels made from environmentally friendly materials not only enhances aesthetics but also contributes to reducing negative environmental impact.

In outdoor environments, the durability of faux plant walls is paramount due to exposure to natural elements. Choose artificial wall panels with UV-resistant properties to prevent fading, brittleness, and loss of gloss.

While the initial investment may be relatively high, in the long run, UV-resistant green walls prove to be more cost-effective and sustainable, avoiding the additional costs and hassle of frequent replacements.

In conclusion, whether for indoor or outdoor applications, choosing high-quality artificial green wall is key to achieving lasting beauty and durability!

Fake Greenery Wall for Different Scenes

Indoor Green Walls, Inject Vitality into Residences and Apartments

Fake living walls are an excellent choice for crafting an ideal indoor environment to add allure to your apartment living room,to create a cozy atmosphere in a child’s bedroom, or introduce natural scenery into a home office.

Indoor Green Wall

Outdoor Green Walls, Enhancethe Exterior of Homes and Apartments

Whether to add color to backyard fences, create a unique focal point for apartment balconies, or to crafte eye-catching residential entrances, artificial plants wall injects life into outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Green Wall

Garden Walls, Bring Vibrancy to Shops, Offices, and Reception Areas

Artificial plants wall is not only suitable for residential environments but also an ideal choice for commercial spaces. They inject vitality into commercial buildings, and we have completed various commercial projects, including offices, retail stores, cafes, reception areas, and lobby areas!

Elliott Architects

How Much Do Artificial Garden Walls Cost?

The cost of an artificial green wall can vary significantly due to various factors, including the wall’s dimensions, the type and quality of artificial greenery wall panels used, the complexity of the design, and installation costs. Additionally, prices are influenced by the chosen brand and supplier.

For a more accurate estimate cost of an artificial living wall, it is recommended to directly contact suppliers or manufacturers. They can provide customized quotes based on specific details of your project.

During communication with them, you can discuss the exact dimensions of the wall, select suitable types and quality levels of artificial plant wall panels for the project, and consider design complexity. Furthermore, understanding the specific installation process is a key factor in obtaining an accurate cost estimate.

Considering the impact of brands and suppliers, it is advisable to obtain multiple quotes for comparison, ensuring that the chosen solution aligns with both the budget and design quality requirements.

By collaborating directly with professional artificial plant suppliers, you can achieve a more personalized and specific solution, ensuring the final artificial wall project meets your expectations.


As you can see, artificial green walls are low-cost, low-maintenance, high-impact, and versatile. The installation and maintenance processes are simple and easy to customize to your personal style.

What’s more, they maintain their visual appeal year-round without the need for the care of professional gardeners.

EdenVert is a leading artificial plants supplier in China, dedicated to providing durable greenery for importers, wholesalers, contractors, and chain stores worldwide.

We offer a diverse range of over 200 products and consistently innovate our offerings each year. Our primary categories, including artificial hedges, vertical gardens, fences, and topiary, continue to satisfy the global market.

If you have any inquiries about vertical gardens or need guidance in selecting artificial greenery wall panels, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].