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3 tips of using artificial plants for home decoration

2022 01 24

Mary, one of our clients from Europe, has chosen our artificial plants from the local shop for her home decoration. Today, she shares her experience of using artificial plants to decorate the living space. Here are some of her tips. We hope they will be helpful when using artificial plants for home decoration.

3 tips of using artificial plants for home decoration

Hi all, I am Mary. I am really happy here to share my story with you. I love adding greenery and flowers to my house because they are usually suitable for decoration in any season and give a nice pop of color to my home decoration.

If you also want to use greenery for home decoration, but you have a black thumb or are struggling to keep the plants alive just like me, you can opt for fake plants. I have tried to put fresh plants on the table for decoration, but they withered in only a month. I felt very sad and decided not to use succulent plants as table decoration anymore.

I once chose to decorate with real plants, but little kids and pets are easy to eat plants by mistake, which is too dangerous to have them around. Or you are often away from home so that you don’t have time to water and take care of the plants. No matter which situation is bothering you, artificial plants are the best option you can choose.

Here are some tips for you to apply artificial plants for home decoration which can add a few greenery flowers and a pop of color to your home.

artificial plants for home decoration

Tip1: How to find good artificial plants

The important thing about using artificial plants is to make them look as real as possible. Once you are searching for artificial plants for home decoration, plants with nice leaves and vivid colors will look really perfect and complement the decoration. There are several aspects you need to consider when you find good artificial plants.

Firstly, safety and health are the most important thing. Fake plants – for home decoration are usually placed in the space where you will stay for a long time. If the raw materials of artificial plants contain hazardous ingredients, people’s health cannot be guaranteed.

I strongly recommend you find suppliers who can provide relevant health certifications, such as RoHS, PAHs and REACH, etc.., as all of these tests can prove the artificial plants meet the basic standards with no risks to safety and health.

Fake plant wall

Secondly, what you need to pay attention to when selecting artificial plants for home decoration is their appearance.

For a look-real fake plant, it must have delicate branches and leaves with vivid colors. When I look closely, I find that artificial plants in EdenVert are a good example. They have a variety of colors and the appearance is a little curved to imitate the real plants. All these details make the artificial plants look very lifelike.

Thirdly, never forget the cost. Compared with natural plants, artificial plants for home decoration are most cost-effective, it will be time-saving for artificial plants to keep blossom and alive.

Imagine that you have to prune, weed and water natural plants all the time without forgetting, otherwise they will get sick, wither or die. But when using artificial plants for home decoration, you can enjoy instant and long-lasting beauty all the time.

Tip2: How to use artificial plants for home decoration

Reality is a point that needs to be highlighted when using artificial plants for home decoration. Have you thought about putting artificial plants in places where real plants do?

For example, you might place artificial plants in some areas with enough sunlight, or you can pair them with real plants on table, counters and other furniture which can brighten up the environment.

artificial plant wall

What’s more, artificial plants look fantastic on the table, such as the dining table, coffee table and some tables against the wall.

For example, I have tried to put it on the counter and found the effect was good, so I now put a small artificial plant on my tray where I keep my soap and a candle in order to add a nice little pop of color and substance to the tray that I was looking for.

Moreover, I have some pretty big artificial plants for home decoration beside my mantel which I do not need to worry about watering or caring them anymore. However, I won’t put real plants at these places as they are easily ruined. This is why artificial plants are a good option to add a pop of color or texture for home decoration.

Tip3: Use artificial plants to fill empty spaces

The wall area of my home is very large, so I think of many ways to decorate the wall. For example, I put a wreath on the wall at the door to fill the empty space. Another place decorated with artificial plants is the bathroom.

I installed some shelves on the bathroom wall and used a very high artificial plant as decoration. It occupies a lot of space and makes up for the blank of the wall. In addition, I also put a smaller artificial plant on the lower shelf on the wall with some smaller decorations. That’s very nice!

EdenVert, Artificial Plant Wall in Bathroom


Using artificial plants for home decoration is prevalent nowadays. No matter where you want to put them, they will always meet your expectations. This article provides 3 tips on decoration with artificial plants which hopefully can help solve your relevant problems.

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