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Impress Guests with an Artificial Greenery Wall in the Lobby

2023 07 28

The lobby is the first part of a building for guests to visit and experience. Make a lasting impression on customers, new staff and business partners to captivate them from the moment they walk in. Read on to learn how an artificial greenery wall can make a huge difference in a guest’s first impression.

Artificial Greenery Wall in the Lobby

Building Lobby

Lobby is a space that forms the visitors’ initial impression. By adorning a lobby with soft, lush greenery decoration, your brand will create a pleasant ambiance and leave a lasting imprint to guests. This transformation from a solid blank wall let the guests feel truly welcome and comfortable. Start to create a faux greenery wall now.

Hotel Lobby

Hotels and resorts can greatly benefit from installing artificial greenery walls in lobbies. These establishments strive to maintain the appearance of paradise to attract holiday patrons. The addition of vibrant greenery perfectly complements the relaxing, luxurious vibe.  It’s obvious that faux greenery makes for a suitable piece of decoration. The low-maintenance nature of faux living wall simplifies upkeep, reducing the workload while elevating the overall aesthetic of the establishment.

faux living wall

Office Lobby

Office lobbies are one of the best spaces to install artificial plant walls, giving the office space a sense of personality. The artificial green wall  presents a convenient way to revitalize offices without the need for extensive remodeling or renovation projects. It is particularly beneficial if a company fosters a dynamic and open-minded corporate culture.

artificial green wall in office lobby

Benefits of Artificial Greenery Wall Installation in the Lobby

The installation of artificial living wall offers numerous advantages. These walls enhance the visual appeal, creating a welcoming and memorable environment. The remarkable outcomes achieved with minimal effort and cost have made artificial greenery walls a beloved choice among business owners worldwide. You can anticipate an increase in revenue and a more favorable perception of your business after incorporating an fake plant wall in your lobby.

Here are the features you can expect from our artificial green walls:

Improve Overall Lobby Area

If you own or operate a hotel or resort, you know how important it is to make your guests feel relaxed and comfortable. In the past, hotels struggled with this aspect, but things have changed. Today, you have the opportunity to connect with EdenVert, a trusted supplier of high-quality artificial greenery wall panels, to elevate the soothing atmosphere of your establishment.

Your guests will immediately feel homelike when meeting a space installing artificial greenery walls. With the ability to instantly transform an otherwise ordinary-looking lobby, you can create a stunningly immaculate habitat that both entices and relaxes your guests.

artificial greenery wall in hotel lobby

Low Maintenance

Hotels and resorts have tried various methods to revitalize their lobbies. Traditionally, they turned to natural plant walls, which did contribute a sense of tranquility to the overall ambiance. However, these natural plant walls presented an excessively demanding maintenance burden.

A better approach is to install artificial greenery walls. These walls eliminate the need for maintanance and can be effortlessly installed indoors without relying on artificial lighting. They are less costly to maintain.

Easy Installation Made Simple

Artificial plant panels are exceptionally user-friendly when it comes to installation. Unlike living walls, which demand meticulous setup and design, artificial greenery walls consist of overlapping panels that seamlessly interlock, creating a smooth and natural flow. We take great pride in our attention to detail, which elevates our artificial green walls to an unparalleled level of distinction within the industry.

Our designers utilize the industry-renowned installation system to create an artificial greenery wall that is versatile and robust. Here is what you can expect from our package:

  • Effortless installation
  • Convenient maintenance (panels can be easily removed and remounted)
  • Optimal positioning
  • Remarkably realistic (indistinguishable from real plants)

artificial green wall

UV Tested & Fire Resistant

Our artificial green wall panels have undergone rigorous UV testing, offering superior protection against the sun’s UV rays. Also They have undergone rigorous fire testing to comply with all applicable fire codes and regulations, exhibiting remarkable fire resistance.

Every artificial greenery wall from EdenVert is gorgeous and distinctive. With our artificial wall panels, installation becomes a breeze, and the need for maintenance is kept to a minimum. If you’re ready to give your hotel or resort lobby a much-needed makeover to wow your guests, contact us today.