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Powerful guide on how to clean artificial plants

2021 10 22

Artificial plants work best and are fantastic for any space that could do with a pop of refreshing color and appeal. It is why artificial plants have become so popular in the design world.

They are decorations of choice for people and businesses who want attractive surroundings without devoting too much time and resources. However, it doesn’t mean that artificial plants don’t need cleaning. On the contrary, it is essential to clean artificial plants regularly.

Powerful guide on how to clean artificial plants

As time goes on, artificial plants would accumulate dust and become dirty. The parts such as leaves, petals and flowers tend to be tarnished over time as dust covers them.Cleaning artificial plants is much easier and takes less time than real plants. You can clean artificial plants flexibly whenever you want.

Compared with the real plants you take care of every day, cleaning artificial plants is time-saving, that there is no need of watering, soiling or fertilizing.  Proper cleaning is necessary and regular maintain will keep them refreshing and with good appearance. Here are some basic skills about how to clean artificial plants.

Suggestions on the best way to clean artificial plants

Picking away debris

Some factors, such as wind, atmospheric pressure and high traffic volume, may cause some parts like leaves, petals and even stems to fall off from the plants. In such circumstances, you need to remove the fallen parts to keep your plants tidy. Or you will find some fragments in the plant container. Just pick them up and throw them away.

Dusting with soft-bristle paintbrush

Soft-bristle paintbrush is a good tool to clean artificial plants. When you choose a paintbrush, soft-bristle one will be the first choice because it would not damage the artificial plants. Then use it to brush each part of the leaf, petal and stem gently.

artificial plant wall

Normally clean from the top to the bottom so that the dirt does not fall on the parts you’ve cleaned before. After cleaning, make sure that all dust has been collected by trash box. If you don’t dust the plants regularly, it will form a rigid layer on the surface and become hard to remove. Cleaning artificial plants once a week is highly recommended.

Blowing with compressed air

Blowing with compressed air is the fastest and easiest way of cleaning your artificial plants. A hairdryer is a good compressed air tool. However, remember to set it to cool air otherwise the hot air will damage the artificial plants. Compared to the paintbrush mentioned before, this method is a much simpler way to clean artificial plants.

What’s more, if artificial plants are put outdoor, it is recommended to use the hairdryer to clean. However, it is not a good choice to clean fake plants indoors with a hairdryer because it could blow dust everywhere and make your space a mess.

Using a damp cloth

Sometimes the dust is very hard to remove by paintbrush or compressed air, you can use a damp cloth. Carefully consider any possibility of fading before wiping, and then wipe a part of the leaves with a wet cloth.

artificial plant decoration

It should be noted that keep the cloth away from any cleaning solution or irritant chemicals that will fade plants and flowers, so it is best to choose water. After wiping, dry the leaves with a kitchen towel. This can avoid damage to the plant and make the plant shine again.

Cleaning the container for artificial plants

It is easy to clean artificial plant containers with a cloth. Also, the vacuum cleaner can be used to suck the dust of the container or any suitable space.

Repairing artificial plants

If artificial plants are damaged or some parts drop, firstly you could buy some mixed parts and install again in your original plants. Secondly, contact with your suppliers to buy new sets. Normally artificial plants could keep long service life, it will not cost you much time or extra cost.


Artificial plants look like real plants but without so much maintenance that saves your time and cost. That’s why more and more people prefer artificial plants. A good design and performance of artificial plant will bring beauty to your space and let you feel relaxed. Taking a few minutes on cleaning each week will give you a refreshed artificial plant, and keep your life always interesting and healthy.

Hope the above methods will be helpful to you on how to clean your artificial plants. EdenVert is a brand that you can deeply trust. More products choices and information can be found in this link If you have any questions, welcome to contact us by Telephone: +86 25 69811666 and Email: [email protected].