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Why choose EdenVert?

2021 04 9

1. EdenVert, leading artificial plants manufacturer

  • 2 factories based in China
  • 13 years experience
  • 1,200,000㎡annual capacity
  • Export to 120+ countries
EdenVert Factory
EdenVert Factory

2. Authoritative factory certifications

EdenVert has been invested by the largest artificial grass company in the world, our unparalleled reputation, superior quality, and customizable options make us the number one choice.


3. Rigorous quality assurance

EdenVert has an ongoing commitment to quality. Based on more than ten years of product development and manufacturing experience, our products meet the highest leading laboratory test.

  • RoHS: safe, non-toxic, and heavy metals free
  • REACH: free from substances of very high concern
  • PAHs: no cancer-causing chemicals
  • UV 5000H: 5000 hours UV test report of ASTM G154: 2016 by Intertek
  • Fire-retardant: standard of EN13501-1:2018 CLASS B by SGS
  • 100% pure PE material, 100% recyclable
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4. 200+ product options

EdenVert is dedicated to providing long lasting greenery to our global partners. Since its beginning, in 2008, EdenVert has been delivering natural scenery to importers, wholesalers, contractors, chain stores, all different sales channel customers.


Artificial Hedge Mats


Artificial Vertical Garden


Artificial Fence


Artificial Topiary

5.  Creative R&D and design team

We have a professional R&D and design team which keeps creating new and unique products for our customers around the world. We could help you to be more competitive in the market and get more market share with our unique products.

  • Customization acceptable
  • Professional product design
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6. High quality services

  • Professional consultancy
  • Installation guide
  • Rich experience in international trade
  • 4-6 weeks lead time
  • Marketing support