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Why You Should Buy Fake Plant Wall

2024 01 18

Are you looking to give your home or garden a sense of nature? Or do you want to turn to make your commercial property stand out from the crowd? No matter what kind of places, installing a fake plant wall is a great way to transform any space, making it feel more natural and attractive.

Fake Plant Wall EdenVert

Green wall covering has been used in homes, restaurants and businesses for some time, and has become one of the most popular interior design trends in recent years. An increasing number of interior designers are choosing faux plant wall solutions over natural plants, thanks to the many benefits and wide selection available.

If you’re considering adding green walls to your home or business, keep reading for all the facts so you can make the right purchase!

What is a fake plant wall ?

A fake plant wall looks and feels just like the real, but instead of using natural plants, they feature high-quality and ultra-realistic artificial plants. They are usually put together in sections by fixing each panel to wall surface with either screws, nail plugs or cable ties (depending on surfaces).

It’s an excellent solution for those looking to create a feature wall in their homes or give visitors to their business a warm and attractive welcome. The use of faux plant walls is increasing because of their many advantages compared to natural plants.

ultra-realistic artificial plant wall

Artificial green wall helps to bring a sense of the outdoors to any space and can create an immediate impact. Each section can be connected to another, ensuring that faux plant walls can come in any shape or size, while there is also a wide range of colors and styles to choose from, enabling the owners to get creative with their solutions.

Types of artificial green wall

Similar to real green walls, you have a wide range of options of the types of plants and foliage to incorporate into your green wall. When deciding on the artificial green wall for your home or business, think about the desired effect. Are you aiming for a tropical appearance with an abundance of ferns and mosses resembling a forest? Do you prefer a low-profile design, or do you envision something with substantial volume?

Something like our artificial ivy green wall is an excellent budget-friendly choice for small spaces, while if you’re looking for a wall with various types of foliage for a natural look, our garden fern artificial green wall is a great option.

Take your time to carefully consider what best aligns with your space and budget. Keep in mind that a complete wall adorned with artificial green wall panels will undoubtedly make a significant statement, regardless of the specific panel type you opt for.

The benefits of using artificial plant walls

If you’re interested in a greener aesthetic for your interiors and exteriors, then faux plant walls have a lot to offer. Due to advances in design and finish, it’s often difficult to distinguish fake plants from real ones nowadays. Here are six key benefits to the artificial option.

Aesthetic appeal

There are so many benefits of faux living wall, including the fact that they are a dynamic decorative element. There’s a reason so many architects and designers have been utilizing them in their designs!

EdenVert appealing artificial green wall

People will instantly be drawn to the bright and visually appealing aesthetic of greenery walls. They’re a great way to make a statement and engage customers, clients and employees.

Considerably reduced maintenance

In addition to continuous care – pruning, watering, fertilizing, etc. – real plants may also need to be moved to ensure adequate sunlight, water, or drainage. Also, temperature changes can be problematic, and you may need to call in an expert to tend your plants regularly.

Artificial plants are very different – with artificial living wall panels, you don’t have to worry about all this maintenance work. You don’t have to clean up fallen leaves, control indoor temperature, move plants around for optimal sunlight, etc. They are and will always be beautiful.

Enjoy wellbeing benefits

Like being in nature, being around plants can improve concentration, memory and productivity. It can create a more comfortable and pleasing environment for employees and encourage positive and creative emotions.

interior green wall

Faux green wall is also good for people’s health. It has been proved that looking at plants frequently can reduce the pressure of overtired eyes, lower blood pressure and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Avoid issues with allergies

Some people are allergic to pollen, a substance that comes from plants. There are often several allergen-causing flowers, shrubs, and plants that can cause allergies. It can become a problem when natural plants are used to decorate the home. Therefore, using them to decorate your yard or home can cause a serious allergic reaction.

Your lovely pet may also be allergic to some of these natural plants and flowers, which you should be concerned about. It doesn’t just stop at these allergies. These real plants can introduce bacteria and pests to your home through the soil they are grown in.

There is good news, though! You don’t have to worry about these allergies if you use faux living wall panels for decoration. These artificial plants have no pollen; therefore, you don’t have to worry about allergies caused by plants.


Real plants naturally die after some time and are susceptible to pests and diseases. Artificial plants are highly durable and will look their best for many years due to the high-quality materials used in their production. UV-resistant artificial plants are often used to ensure that they will not fade when exposed to sunlight.

EdenVert UV-resistant artificial plant wall

They also won’t wither or be damaged by extreme weather, guaranteeing that artificial green wall outdoor will look fabulous no matter what the weather, whether it’s heavy rain, wind, or snow.

Low costs

Undoubtedly, live green walls are remarkable wonders of nature, but it’s crucial to acknowledge that they are indeed a significant feat. True living walls demand a specific growing medium and a drip irrigation system, both of which must be installed by specialists. Additionally, they require appropriate lighting, achievable through either skylights or artificial lighting designed to provide a full color spectrum.

You have to remember that it’s not just about purchasing the plants, but also about setting up and maintaining the system. Since the growing medium on the walls is limited, the drip irrigation system must be kept running continuously to ensure the plants stay moist and nourished. This system involves small holes and requires regular maintenance to ensure proper functionality, which means you’ll often have to pay maintenance fees to the company that installed the walls.

In addition to the system upkeep, the plants themselves also require regular pruning and replacement. For a small wall in a home, you might pay a few thousand dollars per year in maintenance fees, However, for a more prominent statement wall in a home or business, the costs can quickly add up. Establishing a live green wall, and more importantly, sustaining it, requires dedication and isn’t suited for those with a limited budget.

The substantial expenses associated with live green walls are often enough to discourage many individuals from pursuing the idea. Fortunately, artificial living wall offers a much more affordable alternative, particularly in terms of ongoing costs, which are minimal to nonexistent.

Artificial green walls vs real green walls

There are two options if you would like to install a green wall – living green walls or artificial green walls. Living green walls are made of natural plants along with a growing medium, whereas artificial green walls are made of fake plants.

Which looks better?

The first point we need to explore is the physical appearance of a plant wall, because ultimately, we want plants surround us! The primary purpose of any green wall, real or fake, is to transform a plain old surface into a stunning showpiece for your home or business spaces.

Once upon a time, it was easy to tell real from fake plants, but not anymore! In recent years, manufacturing technology has significantly improved, and now it isn’t easy to distinguish between real and artificial green walls.

EdenVert stunning artificial green wall

Artificial green walls have advantages in that they require little maintenance to look the same as the day they were installed, and you don’t need to hire someone with specialized skills to keep them looking their best.

Another downside of living walls is that they are living organisms that, even with the best intentions and expertise, are still at the mercy of nature. It means that the plants on your living wall may not be able to thrive in their environment, or they may die. There isn’t enough room for real plant roots, so you must replace the entire panels.

You can choose any plants and flowers when installing an artificial green wall. You don’t need to worry about climate, sunlight, watering requirements, growth patterns or how future growth will affect the appearance of your wall.

Given the fact that an artificial plant wall will look at its best all year round and regardless of the local climate, the winner of this category is artificial green walls.

Design possibilities

When we think of flowers and plants, we often divide them into categories. You have annuals, biennials, and perennials that are best at different times of the year. If you know a little about flowers, you’ll know that planting February-blooming plants next to August-flowering ones won’t work. You’ll see two flowers side by side, one looking bright and colorful and the other wilted.

With real plant walls, your design possibilities are limited by the environment. That isn’t a problem with fake plants – two types of plants that wouldn’t naturally grow in harmony next to each other on a wall is no problem. Your design possibilities are endless. That’s why the winner in this category is the artificial greenery wall.

Where can you use a fake plant wall?

The application of an artificial wall is incredibly versatile, suitable for a wide range of locations. Consider these ideas:

  • Bright hallway
  • Restaurant, salon, or office waiting area
  • Dining room
  • Patio or balcony
  • Concealing an unsightly wall
  • Providing privacy from neighbors
  • Camouflaging fencing
  • Dimly lit porch

The possibilities are limitless—let your imagination guide you!

How to buy artificial living walls: Placement & materials

Now that we understand the advantages of artificial walls over live green walls, let’s delve into the specifics of purchasing one for your home or business. The initial consideration is the location for the fake living wall and how that affects the materials you choose.

Indoor artificial plant wall

If the artificial wall garden is intended for indoor use, you have the flexibility to choose materials without the constraints of outdoor exposure. In such controlled environments, where exposure to adverse weather is not a concern, artificial leaves will retain their pristine appearance for years post-installation. However, if the fake garden wall is destined for a high-light position, such as beneath a skylight or opposite a glass wall, additional considerations may arise. To ensure optimal aesthetics and longevity, it becomes crucial to select materials that can withstand the heightened exposure to light and potential environmental factors.

Indoor artificial plant wall

Outdoor artificial plant wall

If the faux green walls are going to be built outdoors, then you need to carefully consider the materials your artificial plants will be made. While almost any fake green wall panels can withstand rain, ice, and wind, they are generally more susceptible to the effects of sunlight. If artificial plants are not protected, UV rays can cause them to fade quickly. If you buy green wall panels for outside, make sure they’re made from synthetic materials that have UV protection in them to make your life easier.

EdenVert Outdoor artificial plant wall

How to care for a fake plant wall? 

If the artificial garden wall is located indoors, all you need to do is dust it from time to time. To clean, simply take a long duster and fluff it around the leaves to remove dust and remove any cobwebs. Outside, you may not need to do any maintenance at all!

Can you move a fake plant wall?

Moving live green walls, composed of real plants, can be a delicate undertaking. Challenges may arise, such as adjusting to varying sunlight levels, the need for repotting, or finding the optimal exposure to sunlight.

On the contrary, relocating artificial walls is a straightforward process. By effortlessly disassembling the panels, you can effortlessly move them to their new location. The adaptability of fake garden walls allows for seamless transitions, ensuring they maintain their aesthetic appeal in their new surroundings, mirroring the visual allure of their previous installation.

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