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What is artificial living wall?

2024 01 29

When it comes to bringing some ideas to your home decoration, artificial living walls may be a nice idea. They have tons of benefits, such as reducing stress and increasing natural feelings.

Its unique characteristics make it quickly become a new favorite in the decoration industry. Moreover, the beauty and rich use-value of fake greenery wall can add infinite possibilities to your space.

What is artificial living wall?

What exactly is an artificial living wall?

An artificial living wall is a design form that combines the advantages of natural and green plants, it can be called a fake green wall, artificial vertical garden, or faux plant wall as well.

Green walls can be crafted from either natural or artificial plants. Unlike real plants, artificial ones eliminate the need for water and time-consuming growth, achieving an instant beauty. The robust backing of the faux green wall effortlessly attaches to vertical surfaces. Typically assembled in sections, each panel is secured to your wall surface using screws, nail plugs, or cable ties, depending on the characteristics of your chosen surface.

Advantages over natural living walls

The decision between real and artificial plants in decor is a choice that many people ponder for quite some time. When considering the addition of a green wall, it’s essential to weigh the advantages of opting for artificial plants.

An artificial greenery wall eliminates the need for fertilizers or pesticides, and involves almost zero maintenance. Additionally, there are no ongoing costs associated with keeping them looking great year-round. This type of wall is significantly more cost-effective to install compared to a wall made with living plants.

For homeowners or business owners who appreciate the aesthetic of a living wall but struggle with allergies, artificial plants provide a solution. A fake green wall thrives without needing sunlight and, most importantly, eliminates the risk of drying out or dying.

It means that even if you don’t have a natural green thumb, you can still enjoy the appearance of a professionally maintained living wall. A faux greenery wall brings abundant beauty into your space and allows you to indulge in the aesthetics of nature hassle-free.

Where can artificial living walls be used?

The best thing about greenery wall panels is that they can be placed anywhere. When you decorate your home or office with natural plants, the choice of location is very important because each element has to meet the plant’s growth.

Where can artificial living walls be used?

Compared with them, fake plant walls possess more creativities and modeling features that can be applied both indoors and outdoor. High-quality artificial plant walls are made of UV resistance materials, which are suitable outdoor to keep real and fresh.

Indoor green walls

Whether serving as an attractive feature in your living room, a secure addition to your child’s bedroom, or a means to introduce nature into the office, faux garden wall proves to be the ideal indoor feature. Our satisfied customers have creatively employed their indoor green walls, like this appealing backdrop for their bedroom or this eye-catching sofa backdrop.

indoor green walls

Outdoor Green Walls

Whether aiming to enhance your backyard fence, add vibrancy to your apartment balcony, or create a striking entrance to your house, faux green wall panels have the power to rejuvenate outdoor spaces. Explore the innovative ways our satisfied customers have incorporated outdoor greenery walls, such as this striking addition to a suburban balcony, or this distinctive green privacy wall for backyard.

outdoor greenery walls

Types of greenery displayed within artificial living walls

When building an artificial living wall, the choices seem endless. That’s half the fun! Thick and overflowing foliage can create a lush garden effect indoors. Those who pursue a more modern look will usually choose artificial boxwood. The combination of artificial gardenias with white flowers is refreshing.

Those who create peaceful spaces might consider filling their green walls with faux photinia. If this is a tropical paradise, your goal is to create a collection of multicolored leaves of different sizes and shapes to inspire your life.

Influential factors in artificial living wall costs

Upon stepping into the realm of artificial greenery, you gain access to a multitude of options and decisions that, to varying extents, influence the overall expenses associated with your fake garden wall. The type of flowers or plants you seek, the quality of the raw materials employed in product manufacturing, and the texture and finish collectively contribute significantly to establishing the cost of your artificial green wall.

Here’s a list of variables that you should consider when thinking about getting an artificial living wall:

Style and detail

More style and more intricacies are associated with increased costs. The investment in time, effort, and materials for crafting an artificial plants wall varies across different styles. Furthermore, the desired density and lushness of your artificial green wall panel also impact the overall cost.

Individual items required in the foliage

The construction of a fake living wall or a flower backdrop involves assembling various types of plant items, including diverse shades and types of leaves and flowers. The specific elements you select for crafting your foliage or arrangement have a considerable impact on the overall costs. Opting for a distinctive flower with intricate details, which may necessitate custom production to align with your preferences, can also elevate the expenses associated with the desired wall creation.


Keep in mind that a faux greenery wall is a one-time investment if done right. Opting for a UV-stabilized product directly influences the durability and longevity of the item. Whether you choose to install UV-resistant garden wall panels indoors or outdoors, the quality of the product plays a pivotal role. Conversely, a low-quality, inexpensive product is prone to cracking rapidly, particularly if exposed to outdoor elements.


The more realistic a faux flower or plant appears, the higher its cost will be. This is attributed to the quality of the material utilized in the production of artificial plants. For instance, an artificial flower crafted from foam or inexpensive plastic is considerably more affordable than one composed of silk, satin, polyester, or high-grade polyethylene. Products made from superior materials also require skilled expertise to achieve botanical accuracy, contributing to their higher cost.

The best artificial living wall panels

Faux living walls come in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Sold in individual panels, you have the freedom to mix and match for your own design, or get an artificial green wall company like us to complete a custom project for you.

Artificial hedge panels

The artificial hedge panel, a staple in our classic product series, has consistently garnered popularity in the artificial plant market. Our wide variety of artificial hedges caters to different tastes and needs.

Artificial hedge panel

Incorporating various plant types, such as artificial boxwood or artificial ivy, these panels effortlessly bring a touch of nature to any space. Explore our complete product range, and take advantage of the opportunity to request free samples for supporting your market development.

Roma seriesvertical garden

The Roma series stands as our flagship artificial living wall type, a perennial favorite among our high-end clients. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of countless stunning combinations, each meticulously crafted from hundreds of leaves, adding an artistic flair to your daily environment. Choose the combination that best suits your unique taste and indulge in nature’s beauty with this marvelous vertical garden wall.

Athens series garden wall

Tasteful simplicity is not easy to achieve, but the Athens series is set to emerge as the new star in the mid-range and high-end market. It boasts a stylish appearance paired with a friendly price. The composition, adorned with a mix of various leaf shapes, exudes outstanding elegance, catering to the preferences of many customers.

Vienna series green wall

The greenery, unified in style yet diverse in forms, seamlessly transitions with modifiable combinations of triple panels, delivering an unparalleled visual impact from every angle. The Vienna vertical garden is thoughtfully designed to convey a sense of majesty and luxury, breathing life into your envisioned dreamy green oasis, whether it graces your home, yard, office, or any space of your choosing.

Artificial green wall

Maintenance requirements

For those who derive joy from growing and nurturing flowers and plants, and possess the passion, time, and skills, a real living wall may be a suitable choice. As a gardener, you likely have a genuine understanding of the effort required to maintain a living wall, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your preferences.

However, for many individuals leading busy lifestyles with limited spare time, even those who enjoy caring for a few houseplants may find managing a live green wall to be overwhelming. This is particularly true for businesses where the upkeep of a green wall is not a desirable addition to the to-do list.

Therefore, speaking for the majority, there is a preference for something less high-maintenance in our lives. In terms of maintenance requirements, the ultra-low-maintenance artificial plant wall decor emerges as the preferred choice.

When investing in a good-quality product, maintaining your artificial foliage wall becomes a hassle-free task. Our artificial wall panels, UV-tested to resist fading in the sun, require only occasional dusting and a wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dirt.


Artificial living walls, as evident, offer a cost-effective, low-maintenance, and high-impact feature suitable for various purposes. They are effortlessly installed and require minimal upkeep, allowing for easy customization to reflect your personal style without the need for an expert gardener to maintain their allure throughout the year.

If you have further inquiries about vertical gardens or simply wish to discuss your next project, feel free to reach out to us today. We are here to assist you.