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How to make artificial plants look real

2022 03 1

In the past, some people thought artificial plants look fake and didn’t like them. In recent years, with the continuous advancement of technology and the prevalence of the home decoration industry, artificial plants are welcomed by many people. Compared with the heavy maintaining and time-consuming of natural plants, artificial plants have their own advantages which support them being the best alternative. It is worth thinking about how to make artificial plants look real in daily indoor decoration. We here provide you with some tips for maintaining artificial plants.

How to make artificial plants look real

Invest in high-quality artificial plants

You can regard buying artificial plants as a long-term investment. A good artificial plant looks more beautiful in color, more realistic in shape, and will not have health problems. Moreover, their excellent durability will prevent them from changing greatly due to the time passed. It will surely be a good investment. If you opt for purchasing fake plants, high-quality artificial plants, which look real, should be the first choice for you.

artificial plant wall

Alter the location of artificial plants

Occasionally altering your plants from one place to another will give freshness and surprises to your life. This is why we need to pay attention to the location of placing the plants. Whether you are an amateur or expert in caring for plants, you should know that it is necessary to change plant planting sites regularly, which can not only create a sense of reality but also stimulate the vitality of the space.

Choose the right place

After understanding the necessity of changing the artificial plant environment, how to choose a suitable room is our next advice for you. As we know, dark and dirty places are bad for plants, whether natural plants or artificial plants. On the contrary, you can put them in a prominent place, such as a sunny place or in the middle of a table, these positions can make artificial plants look real and natural. Be free!

artificial green wall panels

Clean plants on a regular basis

Cleaning artificial plants is easier than cleaning real plants. Regular cleaning is a necessary condition to make artificial plants look real. The long-term accumulation of dust will make the artificial plants lose their lustre and destroy their beauty. If you are searching for information on how to clean artificial plants, you can read this article for help,

Powerful guide on how to clean artificial plants

How to design your artificial plants

If you have ever raised natural plants, you will find that real plants are not perfect at all. Due to the influence of the environment, they are easy to wither or tilt branches. Thus, when you design artificial plants for yourself, there is no need to care about many details. On the contrary, practical factors need more consideration.

When you get your artificial plants, make sure they can be placed vertically which is an essential step to make artificial plants look real. What’s more, you can slightly tilt the branches, as real plants also have different radians. When everything is ready, you can decorate artificial plants at home. As long as you remember the previous points, your fake plants will be more realistic.

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Why choose EdenVert?

Various products

As a company with many years of production experience, we have a variety of artificial products, such as artificial hedge mats, artificial vertical garden, artificial fence and artificial topiary. Every category owns special characteristics and it is easy for you to make artificial plants look real.

For example, hedge mats are comprised of the same components but are very organized. Vertical gardens are vivid and lively, you can simply distinguish them from a multitude of products because they are colorful and beautiful. Artificial fences not only look charming but also can be applied to protect privacy. Moreover, artificial topiaries are famous for their flexible positions and real appearance. You can put them anywhere you like, and their image will not be estranged from the surrounding environment which is a good choice for your home decoration.

vertical garden

Multiple guarantees

When you decide to buy artificial plants, quality is one of the most important factors, because it is related to your health and life. For EdenVert, all our products have passed relevant health tests, such as RoHS, PAHs and REACH, etc.., and these tests can prove the artificial plants meet the basic standards with no risks to safety and health. In addition, no matter where you plan to put artificial plants, freshness and safety are the main points you must consider. We can provide UV certification, Health & Safety Test and Fire Retardant Test, more information can be found through this link,

Quality Insurance

Professional team support

As the top artificial plant company, the professional is our most proud place. Our sales team can help you find the most suitable products. They are experienced and have extensive knowledge of artificial plants. Manuals, product samples, technical specifications and installation guide video can support us giving you the best service.