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How long can outdoor artificial plants last?

2021 11 14

An outdoor landscape featuring with coluorful flowers and fresh leaves will cheer you up, wouldn’t it? However, it is not easy for everyone to keep real plants alive and create such a refreshing environment. Therefore, artificial plants are becoming more popular. However, someone may ask, “Can artificial plant be put outside” or “How long can outdoor artificial plants last”.

The answer is definitely “Yes”. Read this article, and it can help you know more information about outdoor artificial plants last.

How long can outdoor artificial plants last

Can you put artificial plants outside?

You definitely can keep artificial plants outdoors, as long as they’re made to withstand weather! Different materials of artificial plants would act differently according to environmental situations.

When it comes to placing artificial plants outside, one of the most common issues is that their colour will fade and the leaves will crack with time passing. This is the core point, we recommend that you choose the materials which can withstand weathers when putting outdoor.

What are materials of artificial plants?

Silk plants and flowers

Silk materials are not meant to be kept outdoors. Rain, sunlight and other outdoor environments will damage the fibers and dye. It is designed for indoor decorations.

Polyester plants

Polyester is a material commonly used for outdoor decoration. Because of its tough texture, it is not easy to wear. Outdoor elements such as dirt or hard objects will not easily damage the fiber. Polyester plants also have a natural anti-mold function, so you don’t have to worry about its dye or texture being affected in rainy days.

Polyethylene plants

Polyethylene is one kind of material that can withstand outdoor weather, so you can keep them outside as you like. Generally, artificial plants are made of PE material.

Many artificial plant manufacturers now produce UV-resistant artificial plants. One of the biggest advantages is that these kinds of products can not only be placed outdoors, but are especially designed for outdoor use.

These products are added with anti-UV additives when they are produced. They have natural anti-UV capabilities and are designed to prevent fading or breakage. No matter the temperature or weather, these kinds of outdoor artificial plant lasts longer and stays new and fresh.

How long do outdoor artificial plants last?

If the artificial plants are designed for outdoor use, you can put it outside, but this does not mean that it can be used indefinitely. Over time, even the most durable outdoor materials will begin to age, crack, and fade.

artificial plant wall

At this time, if your artificial plant is treated with anti-UV processing, its life expectancy will be longer, reaching 5-8 years. Without UV treatment, regardless of the material, the outdoor artificial plant last will be shorter for they are prone to age and lose shape and texture.

Compared with the factories who cannot provide UV test report, EdenVert promise to give you a qualified and perfect fake plants, which ensure the warranty for 8 years. More information about UV treated artificial plants, you can see this page,

How to maintain outdoor artificial plants last for a long time?

If your artificial plants are used outdoors, it is essential for you to buy UV treated artificial plants rather than untreated one, which allows you to place them outside without worry.

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We all know that compared with natural plants, the maintenance of artificial plant is simpler and faster, and saves labor and time. In order to make outdoor artificial plants last longer and more beautiful in appearance, we recommend that you do some proper maintenance. Here are some tips of maintaining outdoor artificial plants.

Stay away from extreme weathers

In some bad weathers, such as heavy rain, heavy snow or strong wind, it is recommended that you move artificial plants inside your home. Some extreme temperatures will cause artificial plants to crack and shatter, affecting their service life.

Limit the amount of sunlight received every day

We also recommend moving the outdoor artificial plants regularly so that their different arts can receive sunlight evenly and avoid color differences. In addition, if the summer with strong sunlight, we recommend creating shelter for outdoor artificial plants to extend their service life.

Clean debris regularly

As we all know, outdoor artificial plants are more likely to accumulate dust which cause weaker UV resistant, so a regular cleaning is important to you. You can blow with compressed air, which is the fastest and easiest way of removing the debris from the leaves. More tips of cleaning artificial plants can be found in the news,” How to clean artificial plants.”


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