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How long can outdoor artificial plants last?

2021 11 14

An outdoor landscape featuring with colourful flowers and fresh leaves will cheer you up, wouldn’t it? However, it is not easy for everyone to keep real plants alive and create such a refreshing environment. Therefore, artificial plants are becoming more popular. However, someone may ask, “Can artificial plant be put outside” or “How long can outdoor artificial plants last”.

The answer is definitely “Yes”. Read this article, and it can help you know more information about the longevity of artificial outdoor plants.

How long can outdoor artificial plants last

Can you put artificial plants outside?

You definitely can keep artificial plants outdoors, as long as they’re made to withstand weather! Different materials of artificial plants would act differently according to environmental situations.

When it comes to placing outdoor artificial flowers and plants, one of the most common issues is that their colour will fade and the leaves will crack with time passing. This is the core point, we recommend that you choose the materials which can withstand weathers when putting artificial plant outdoor.

What are materials of artificial plants?

Silk plants and flowers

Silk materials are delicate and not intended for outdoor exposure. The harsh outdoor elements, such as rain and direct sunlight, can significantly damage the fibers and fade the vibrant dyes used in silk fabrics. The intricate weaving and delicate nature of silk make it susceptible to environmental wear and tear.

Therefore, silk is primarily designed for indoor decorations, where it can maintain its beauty and luster for an extended period. Using silk for indoor decor allows you to showcase its luxurious texture and vibrant colors without the risk of deterioration from outdoor conditions. It’s best to preserve silk’s elegance by keeping it indoors where it can truly shine.

Polyester plants

Polyester is a material commonly used for outdoor decoration. Because of its tough texture, it is not easy to wear. Outdoor elements such as dirt or hard objects will not easily damage the fiber. Polyester plants also have a natural anti-mold function, so you don’t have to worry about its dye or texture being affected in rainy days.

Polyethylene plants

Polyethylene is one kind of material that can withstand outdoor weather, so you can keep them outside as you like. Generally, artificial plants are made of PE material.

Many artificial plant manufacturers now produce artificial outdoor flowers and fake outdoor trees with UV-resistant ability. One of the biggest advantages is that these kinds of products can not only be placed indoors, but are especially designed for outdoor use.

These products are added with anti-UV additives when they are produced. They have natural anti-UV capabilities and are designed to prevent fading or breakage. No matter the temperature or weather, these kinds of outdoor fake plants last longer and stay new and fresh.

How long do outdoor artificial plants last?

The lifespan of fake outdoor plants hinges on multiple factors, including the quality of materials employed in their fabrication, the prevailing weather conditions, and the level of maintenance they receive. Typically, high-quality faux outdoor plants can last for several years, possibly even decades, when adequately cared for.

One of the advantages of outdoor fake plants is that they don’t need water, sunlight, or fertilizers to thrive, so they’re not affected by the same environmental pressures as real plants. However, they are still exposed to the elements, including wind, rain, and direct sunlight, which can cause fading or damage over time.

To make artificial landscape plants last longer, it’s crucial to select high-quality products made for outdoor settings and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation and upkeep. This might involve regularly cleaning off dirt and dust, as well as storing them properly during periods of harsh weather.

Artificial plants for outdoor can generally be categorized into two primary types based on their UV protection:

UV Protection Applied to the Artificial Plant

Treating fake landscape plants with UV protection significantly extends their lifespan compared to untreated products. UV rays from the sun can cause accelerated deterioration, particularly for outdoor items. Without UV treatment, regardless of the quality of the material used, outdoor faux plants are more susceptible to aging and losing their shape and texture over time. By applying UV protection, these plants are better equipped to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight, resulting in a more enduring and aesthetically pleasing outdoor decor.

Products Manufactured with UV Inhibitors Embedded in the Material

Another approach to UV protection involves incorporating UV inhibitors directly into the material during the manufacturing process. This advanced method provides the highest level of sun protection for outdoor artificial plants and trees. By embedding UV inhibitors within the plant’s material, fake outdoor plants are inherently resistant to the harmful effects of UV rays. This means they are less likely to fade or crack, even when subjected to intense sunlight and high temperatures. The incorporation of UV inhibitors ensures that the plants retain their vibrant colors and structural integrity over an extended period, making them an ideal choice for outdoor landscaping projects requiring long-term durability and aesthetics.

artificial plant wall

Compared with the factories that cannot provide a UV test report, EdenVert promises to give you qualified and perfect artificial plants, which ensure durability for over 10 years indoors and 5 to 8 years outdoors. For more information about UV-treated artificial plants, visit our quality insurance page.

How to maintain outdoor artificial plants last for a long time?

For outdoor settings, choosing UV-treated artificial plants is imperative. These specially treated fake plants for outdoors provide you with the peace of mind to adorn your exterior areas without any worries.

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We all know that fake plants for outside require less upkeep than their natural counterparts, resulting in time and labor savings. In order to make artificial outdoor flowers and plants last longer and more beautiful in appearance, we recommend that you do some proper maintenance. Here are some tips of maintaining outdoor artificial plants.

Stay away from extreme weathers

In some bad weathers, such as heavy rain, heavy snow or strong wind, it is recommended that you move faux outdoor flowers and plants inside your home. These weather conditions can be particularly harsh on faux plants, potentially causing them to deteriorate. Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can lead to cracking and shattering, significantly impacting the durability and longevity of  outdoor artificial trees and plants.

It’s essential to consider these factors and take proactive measures to extend the service life of your artificial outdoor plants. By moving them indoors during inclement weather, you ensure their aesthetic appeal and maintain their quality for a longer duration.

Limit the amount of sunlight received every day

In addition to safeguarding your outdoor artificial plants from adverse weather conditions, it is advisable to periodically reposition them to ensure that all their components receive sunlight uniformly, thus preventing any potential variations in color. Sunlight plays a crucial role in maintaining the natural and vibrant appearance of faux plants outdoor, and by rotating their placement, you facilitate an even distribution of light, ensuring consistent and lifelike coloring throughout.

Furthermore, particularly during the scorching intensity of summer sun, we recommend creating shelter for fake outdoor trees and plants. This precaution helps mitigate the potential damaging effects of prolonged, direct exposure to sunlight, ultimately extending their overall service life and preserving their visual allure.

Clean debris regularly

As we all know, outdoor artificial plants, such as artificial bushes, are more likely to accumulate dust which cause weaker UV resistant, so a regular cleaning is important to you. You can blow with compressed air, which is the fastest and easiest way of removing the debris from the leaves. More tips of cleaning artificial plants can be found in the news, ” How to clean artificial plants.”

Ideas for arranging fake plants outside

Not sure where to begin with your new faux plants or flowers? Let decorative arrangements come to the rescue and transform your outdoor space. Embrace the beauty of faux plants and artificial flowers outdoor by following these simple tips, seamlessly blending them into your surroundings.

Outdoor pots and planters

Store faux plants in statement pots or planters designed for outdoor use. You can even add some fresh soil at the bottom or a few drops of water on the leaves to make it look real!When arranging, remember the old adage that “more is merrier” – group planters or pots together for a diverse and captivating look.

The harmony of artificial and real plants

If you already have an actual garden with real plants, consider integrating a few faux pieces into the mix. Surprisingly, this can enhance the garden’s liveliness, thanks to the vibrant colors and varied shapes of fake plants. Additionally, it adds a sense of fullness to the garden without requiring extra watering, presenting a dual benefit.

Outdoor gathering table decor ideas

Place a small vase or pot on your patio table and fill it with faux outdoor flowers and artificial branches. This simple yet effective outdoor decorating tip can instantly rejuvenate your outdoor space.


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