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Artificial Plant Wall Decoration or Living One?

2022 06 7

Plant walls have become a favorite by architects and designers for their projects. Various plants are put in the spotlight– which is one of the biggest trends at the moment – without taking up too much space. While artificial plant wall is still a major element in decoration, the question is whether a green wall created by artificial plants is more suitable for a space than one that’s made entirely of living plants. Here are some key differences between the two, which may help you decide when the time comes.

Artificial Plant Wall Decoration or Living One

Visual advantages

When you choose high-quality artificial plants, they will look just as good as natural ones. Fake plants also have a unique advantage of never drying out, or wilting from too much or too little watering.

If you choose an artificial plant wall decoration, your plants will always be in bloom. They will always maintain their shape, and you can modify a custom creation so that colors and sizes can be easily combined with different types of concepts.

Some living plants become very fragile once they are picked from the natural environment, but these plants can be copied so that you can enjoy them all year round. These are just some of the visual advantages you’ll find if you opt for faux plants.

faux plant wall

Cost and maintenance

Directly speaking, when you buy plants, whether live or artificial, they are likely to cost roughly the same. However, artificial plants may last longer because their lifespan is usually about 10 years.

When you deal with a live green wall, an important issue to consider is care and maintenance, which is not a small task. These plants require special light, an irrigation system, and regular fertilization, which will also affect your plumbing and power needs.

Once installed, living green walls will require regular maintenance. You will need someone to trim and clean your plants so that the wall will keep it the way it was. Some plants may also deteriorate, forcing you to replace them. You also need to regularly supplement the necessary nutrients, check your irrigation system, and clean filters and drains.

If you opt for a fake plant wall, you will notice that there is little need for maintenance. You only need to spray it with a botanical cleaner once a season to remove dust and maintain its natural luster. Once installed, there is no additional cost for the artificial green wall.

fake plant wall

Installation environment

Living greenery walls have limitations on where they can be installed. They obviously need a good light source and irrigation, but they must not cause moisture to the existing structure. According to these requirements, it may be difficult to find a suitable space.

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the fake green wall is very durable and can maintain its best state for many years to come. These extremely realistic plants are typically UV-resistant, ensuring that they do not fade in the sun.

Equally, they won’t wither or be damaged by extreme weather, ensuring that no matter whether it’s heavy rain, strong wind, or snow, your faux green wall will always be looking as fantastic as possible.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of artificial greenery walls, EdenVert has an ongoing commitment to quality. Based on more than ten years of product development and manufacturing experience, our artificial living wall products meet the highest leading laboratory test standard.

We choose the highest quality raw materials with strong UV stability to make sure our artificial plant wall emulates the fresh and luscious green look over many years. Tested to UVA 5000 hours and REACH, RoHS, and PAHs, our faux greenery wall panels contain no lead, no heavy metals, or any other harmful chemicals.

artificial greenery wall

Healthy addition

A faux greenery wall is also a healthy addition. There are no toxins in their construction, and they are not real plants, which means that people with allergies such as hay fever will not react to your artificial plant wall decoration.

The fake plant wall will also ensure that you are not at risk of pests, which will destroy living plants, and you will face fewer insects buzzing in summer.

Looking for the highest quality artificial plant wall decoration?

Are you looking for the best artificial plant wall decoration for your home or business? Whether you want to give your home or garden a new look or make your business stand out from the crowd, EdenVert is here to help you.

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EdenVert is dedicated to providing long-lasting artificial green walls to our global partners. EdenVert artificial plants provide 5-8 years warranty for outdoor use and even 10+ years for indoor use. We are committed to providing the best customer service, and we regard customer satisfaction as our top priority.

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