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What are the benefits of artificial hedges?

2021 10 15

Artificial Hedge is getting more and more popular in modern life in all kinds of places. Made of 100% polyethene with realistic looking-effect, not restricted by the natural plant growth environment or site condition. Artificial hedge products are gradually replacing the real plants to be used in all kinds of decorations to brighten up both commercial and residential spaces. Follow the below points let’s see the benefits of artificial hedge that EdenVert can get favor from more and more people.

What are the benefits of artificial hedges

The benefits of artificial hedge

Long-lasting and weather resistant

Unlike living plants that wither with the season or improper care, or are easily damaged by naughty pets, high-quality artificial hedges will not wither or be damaged indoors or outdoors. The benefits of artificial hedge make them maintain a fresh appearance and bright color for 5 to 10 years. Made of 100% fresh PE with UV resistant materials added, artificial hedge or foliage last for many years with minimum maintenance without affection by lack of water, strong wind, exposure to the UV rays or any other extreme weather.

Wide application

One of the benefits of artificial hedge is its wide application, which means it can be designed in different types of ways including artificial green walls in either hedge mat or vertical garden, or artificial fence or artificial topiary balls, therefore they can be used with different functions and purposes in different areas.

  • Artificial hedge in commercial areas

Artificial hedge products are widely used in commercial areas mainly in forms of artificial green walls. There are many fantastic walls decorations in forms of vertical gardens or combination of different hedge mats in offices, shopping malls, retail chain-stores, restaurants, bars, celebration events, or business exhibitions. There is multiple of artificial foliage that can be chosen and designed to match different environment or event themes.

artificial hedge in commercial areas

  • Artificial hedge in residential areas

In residential areas, the use of artificial fences is increasing because the benefits of artificial hedge are obvious. Whether it is used as a decoration on the wall or roof to beautify the space, or as a private barrier and partition to hide personal belongings, or as a fence on the terrace and balcony and a fitness ball in the garden or courtyard, the artificial hedge will never let you down. It will bring a touch of green to your life, relax you and refresh your spirit, just like a living plant, the difference is that there is no need of any extra care.

artificial hedge in residential areas

  • Artificial hedge in other areas where impossible for living plants

Another benefits of artificial hedge is vibrant and luxuriant. For anywhere there is limited sunshine or restricted to access to any watering therefore unsuitable for growth of living plants, artificial hedge is a perfect substitute to bring vitality to anywhere.


  • No maintenance

Unlike living plants, artificial hedges don’t need any daily watering, trimming, fertilizing, pesticides or guarantee of sufficient supply of sunshine or proper temperature which are necessity of growth of living plants. This benefit of artificial hedge can save our time as well as the money and effort which are very previous in modern busy life.

  • Simple installation and instant effect

Unlike living plants which may take months to grow and trim into proper shape, it is much easier to use artificial hedges or leaves to complete an amazing private screen or vertical garden. Taking the installation of artificial green wall as an example, there are grids and holes on the backing of artificial board products, which can be easily fixed on the fence through cable ties, or on any surface of the wall through nails, screws and drill bits. In addition, they can be cut into different shapes or connected into a simple snap locking system of any size to change a rigid wall into a fancy botanical garden.

  • Optional costs

Optional cost is one of attractive benefits of the artificial hedge. Obviously, compared with real plants, instant artificial hedge products require less maintenance or labor costs as discussed above. More importantly, there is variety of range of products with different cost catering to different type of users. Speaking of our artificial green wall products, there are basic hedge mats affordable for household decoration, cost-effective Athens™ series in between to satisfy the medium end-users, and also premium Roma™ series of multiple designs optional to build a luxurious lush vertical garden anywhere.



  • Customized design

The artificial hedge or green walls are made of a lot of different types of artificial foliage in different colors, so there are constantly new customized designs catering to clients’ tastes. You can also combine different models to make your unique designs to suit your mood or event theme or to match different seasons. They are also flexible to be cut or shaped to fit any size of space you want to beautify.

  • Customized fire-retardant version

Besides the normal UV-resistant artificial green wall products, we can also customize fire-retardant versions for some high-end clients who use the products to decorate the public indoor commercial areas. Our inherently fire-retardant green wall products are produced with FR materials and chemicals added during the manufacturing process and therefore have a very good flame-retardant ability tested to BS EN13501-1:2018 CLASS B.


Made of 100% virgin materials and by excellent manufacturing technology as well as with top-notch designs, modern artificial hedge products look so real and lifelike that people are even not able to tell if they are real or artificial by eyes.

artificial hedge panel

With every foliage imitated naturally, artificial hedges look very attractive and pleasant to uplift our spirit and brighten up the space of any possible area. Check the pictures of our products and lifestyle references, you will believe that our artificial hedge products are really made out of nature but surpass nature.

EdenVert artificial hedge products

As a leading artificial green wall manufacturer based in China, all of EdenVert Artificial hedge products are manufactured with top-quality and aesthetics for the purpose of developing vibrant living and working spaces, infused with the spirit of nature. Our artificial green walls have all the benefits mentioned in this article especially unbeatable Anti-UV quality with 5000 hours UV test report, and we have our unique benefits such as the certificates of REACH, RoHS and PAHs to testify that our products are totally healthy and eco-friendly to be used at ease without any health worrying. Welcome to contact us by Telephone: +86 25 69811778 and Email: [email protected].