Benefits of installing artificial hedge for privacy screen

Benefits of installing artificial hedge for privacy screen

2022 01 14

If you need more privacy for your property, or you want to create more privacy for your backyard or garden, artificial hedges may be a good solution. And if you want to keep your outdoor area to be as natural as possible, why not install an artificial hedge for privacy screen? Let’s see how artificial hedge works and its benefits.

Benefits of installing artificial hedge for privacy screen

Where to use artificial hedge for privacy screen?

Artificial hedges are often used as coverings and extensions of fences to enhance privacy and prevent others from peeping. Artificial hedge walls have almost all the beauty and benefits of natural grass walls without ongoing work or worries after installation, which is perfect for dressing up an old wall or fence.

In some cases, the entire fences or partitions are covered with an artificial hedge for privacy screen, and they look great and are virtually maintenance-free. What’s more, there are some special using methods you don’t know before which may surprise you. Today’s architects often use artificial hedges to create sound barriers in echo prone spaces, such as office buildings and restaurants.

EdenVert, artificial boxwood hedge wall

Why choose artificial hedge for privacy screen

We live in a world where neighbors are living increasingly closer to each other. Whether you have a house or an apartment, the lack of privacy is an ongoing issue for most of us! Perhaps your next-door neighbors can see directly into your yard, or maybe everyone who walks up and down your street can view your entire balcony. Using an artificial hedge for privacy screen is a good choice especially for people who want both privacy and aesthetics.

Benefits of artificial hedge for privacy screen

Benefits of artificial hedge for privacy screen

Diversified use

Here are several functions of artificial hedges. What we commonly know is for privacy protection. You don’t have to worry about enjoying life in your own area. Besides, when you apply artificial hedges in your space, they can automatically act as the function of space dividers. What’s more, noise reduction is one of its special uses. You won’t disturb your neighbors or passers-by.

Instant aesthetics and comfort

It has been proven that green plants bring people comfort and calmness. However, you don’t have to wait for the real hedge to fully grow up, which will take months or years. What you can get from artificial hedges supplier is the finished leaves with the best performance. Artificial hedges can quickly create a green space with lush green leaves. You can have your magic green space all year around.

EdenVert, artificial hedge fence

Low maintenance

Caring for a real artificial hedge on a traditional lawn can be quite time-consuming, including keeping a mowing schedule, maintaining a certain blade length, and dealing with foliage clippings. Then there’s the fertilizing, watering, weeding, and pest control to think about. It’s enough to overwhelm even the most driven among us. If you choose an artificial hedge for privacy screen, you can install the hedge and simply move on with your life!

No cutting required, no watering needed, and no fussing over those pesky weeds. This low-maintenance artificial hedge option means you won’t have to sacrifice your precious weekends to keep it looking beautiful. It maintains its color and form on its own.

Long lasting

Besides, artificial hedge for privacy screen can stand the test of time (and heat) without the disappointments of browning, withering, or dying. In order to meet the highest requirements, our leaves are tested with UV throughout the processing, not just on the surface.

All artificial hedges are guaranteed to be UV resistant for 8 years. Thanks to this technological process, leaves do not lose their luster despite high exposure. In addition, the stem can remain elastic even under drought conditions.

EdenVert, artificial hedge panels

Easy to install and cost effective

With just a few tools and supplies, you can easily install an artificial hedge for privacy screen. There’s no getting your hands dirty here, because there’s no digging required!-You can install them on a variety of existing surfaces, including wooden fences, brick walls, and wire fences.

Alternatively, you can opt for portable artificial hedges, which can be easily moved around your property. Artificial hedges are also much easier to protect eyes compared to other privacy screening options like large fencing. Just check here to get the installation tips,

Healthy and safe

Maybe you’re thinking that how can artificial hedge for privacy screen be safer than real and natural hedges? For health and safety reasons, the selection of raw materials for artificial hedges needs to be cautious, especially for children and pets. EdenVert artificial hedge products have been tested through third-party certification with rigorous health assurance, such as RoHS, PAHs and REACH, which prove that our products are healthy and environmentally friendly.

  • RoHS: safe, non-toxic, and heavy metals free
  • REACH: free from substances of very concern
  • PAHs: no cancer-causing chemicals


Not like real hedge can be time-consuming and costly to maintain, you can opt for a cheaper and easier option in an artificial hedge for privacy screen. You can enjoy beauty and comfort in your yard.

Decorating with Artificial Hedge Panel

If your outdoor space is limited to a balcony or patio, you can spruce it up with a patch of lovely hedge and make your small space a bit more colourful. With such versatility in its possible uses, the artificial hedge can be a great addition to your yard screen. If you have any questions, welcome to contact us by Telephone: +86 25 69811778 and Email: [email protected].